Congressional candidate Dan Rodimer says that we cannot let the Democrats hijack this November’s election.

Today, Dan Rodimer issued the following statement on Nevada legislative Democrats’ partisan power play against Republicans, Nonpartisans, Libertarian, Independent Americans and Others in their “emergency” special session in Carson City.

“The Democrats in Carson City called a taxpayer-funded emergency special session of the legislature to drastically change Nevada’s election laws within the final 100 days of the most consequential election of our lifetime.  What do the Democrats want?  They want to strip election integrity oversight away from the Secretary of State, to force mail ballots to be mailed out to inactive voters, and to allow California-style ballot harvesting. 

“Each and every one of these drastic changes threatens the integrity of our election process and is being pushed in a total partisan, secretive manner.  In fact, Nevada Democrats are clearly rushing through these changes not for the benefit of Nevadans, but for the benefit of partisan Democrats and their thirst for power.  That is why Governor Sisolak and legislative Democrats are rushing through this dangerous agenda during an emergency special session where the public has been banned from being in the legislative building to meet face-to-face with their elected representatives to share their concerns. 

“Democrats represent just fewer than 40 percent of registered voters in this state, yet they are forcing these changes on the 60 percent who choose not to affiliate with them.  I encourage all Nevadans who oppose this kind of dangerous, partisan power grab to contact the Governor and their elected officials in Carson City by email or phone to express our shared outrage.  We must protect the integrity of our elections and not let the Democrats hijack this November’s election in the middle of the night.”