U.S. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy endorses Dan Rodimer for Congress in Nevada’s third congressional district on March 9, 2020. The announcement was mentioned in Politico on March 10, 2020.

Conservative businessman and former WWE professional wrestler, “Big Dan” Rodimer, proudly announced that he has earned the full and enthusiastic endorsement of United States House of Representatives Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) in his campaign for Congress. Rodimer is the only conservative Republican running for the 3rd Congressional District of Nevada, a seat that President Trump won in 2016, but is currently held by liberal incumbent Congresswoman Susie Lee, who just recently voted to negate the will of the voters in the 3rd District by voting in support of impeachment.

“The voters of Nevada’s third congressional district supported President Trump in 2016 and his America-first agenda of new jobs, record-low unemployment, while keeping our nation, our borders and our communities safe, and working to lower the cost of prescription drugs,” Leader McCarthy stated. “Unfortunately, Susie Lee has joined Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the radical socialist wing of the Democratic party in trying to block this agenda at every turn, even going as far as voting to nullify the will of the voters by supporting impeachment. Nevadans need to elect an outsider, a small businessman and somebody who gives back to those in need, and that candidate is ‘Big Dan’ Rodimer. ‘Big Dan’ has earned my strong endorsement and full support because he will restore the kind of common sense leadership Nevadans deserve, and he will work to ensure that socialism never takes hold in America. I hope you join me in supporting Big Dan Rodimer for Congress.”

“I am tremendously honored and proud to have earned the endorsement of House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy,” stated ‘Big Dan’ Rodimer. “Leader McCarthy and I have had the privilege of getting to know one another, having met several times in both Nevada and Washington. His principled, conservative leadership is exactly what our country needs right now to bring results that matter to Nevadans, including new jobs, low unemployment, secure borders and lower cost prescription drugs. We look forward to winning this race back and restoring common sense representation to the wonderful residents of Nevada’s third district.”

McCarthy endorses Dan Rodimer on the heels of recent endorsements by former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, ‘Pawn Stars’ TV Show host Rick Harrison.

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