Stop Susie Lee’s Corruption

US Representative for Nevada’s 3rd District, Susie Lee (D), is not at all about Nevada.  Instead, she is all about herself and her own wealth. She proved that once and for all recently, when she took advantage of the national emergency caused by Covid-19.

Susie Lee took full advantage of the national health emergency, and the government handouts. She lobbied to loosen federal regulations, resulting in Full House Resorts, a company in which Rep. Lee and her husband own millions of dollars in stock and options, receiving $5.6 million dollars in PPP. 

Specifically, Rep. Lee asked the Small Business Administration (SBA) to expand loan eligibility during the health emergency, in such a way that would benefit her husband’s business interests. Just weeks later, it did just that. This is a glaring conflict of interest since that money would clearly be to Rep. Lee’s benefit. To compound the obvious ethical issues surrounding Rep. Lee’s conduct, the money went to support businesses outside the state she represents. In other words, she didn’t even keep the money in Nevada.

And as if that was not enough to prove her character, she then lied about what she did.  When asked by reporters, she denied any knowledge or involvement with the loan application. Subsequently, however, she admitted that she was aware of the application, but, she said, only after the SBA made the change she had requested.  

All of this was enough to cause an ethics complaint to be filed against Rep. Lee. House Ethics Rules prohibit Members of Congress from taking official action when the Member has an apparent or actual conflict of interest and ban members from using their offices in any way for private gain. Her husband was even warned by senior Democrats against making the application, because of his wife’s position in the House of Representatives, but he apparently did not care.