Hi, I’m Sarah Duffy Rodimer, and you deserve the truth.

When Dan decided to run for political office, it was a decision we made together, as a family. We have five children, with a sixth on the way. Together, we certainly knew that politics can and would get ugly. But, nothing could prepare our family for the outright lies and disgusting attacks that have been launched against us by Susie Lee.

My husband was arrested one time in his life, years ago while he was in college on a Halloween night, after shoving another adult male who had been bullying one of Dan’s friends. That’s it. One arrest. And the charges from that one arrest were dismissed. In fact, to this very day, Dan Rodimer has no criminal record.

As for Susie Lee using 911 calls, the government documents Susie refers to in her smears clearly state nothing more than a verbal argument occurred and no crime was committed. Yet she continues to smear us with lies, knowing full well they aren’t true. Susie Lee thinks it’s okay to spend millions of dollars exploiting my family for her political gain. It’s shameful and it disgusts me.

In fact, the largest coalition of Nevada law enforcement have endorsed my husband in this race. Its the largest in the state. Not only that, they stripped Susie of this endorsement and gave it to Dan…something they wouldn’t do if they believed he was at all dangerous or had any kind of criminal record.

Susie Lee has done nothing for the people she represents. She has failed the people of Nevada in CD3. Instead, she’s used her taxpayer-funded position to enrich herself and her family while in office. She’s spending millions of dollars smearing Dan instead of running ads about her own record, because her record is terrible.

Dan Rodimer is a wonderful man. To his friends, or anyone that meets him, he’s truly one of the kindest. He’s a loving and compassionate husband. And, he is a great Dad and role model to our children.

As the mother of our kids, and as Dan’s wife, we will fight through it.

Yes, “Big Dan” is a former WWE professional wrestler, but he isn’t the only one who is tough in our family. We will continue to love one another, and we will leave our trust in you the voters, to see through these disgusting lies against our husband, dad and friend.

Thank you for taking a few moments of your day to read this.