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Dan Rodimer is a former WWE wrestler and law school graduate running for Congressional District TX-06. He cites his personal history in Texas as his reason for running, including that he previously lived and worked in Houston, TX, as a homebuilder and his desire to raise his children in the Constitution-friendly state of Texas

After launching his surprise campaign, it was immediately covered in Fox News, Politico, and People Magazine. Once elected, Rodimer promises to pass the following legislation and actions while in Congress.

Dan Rodimer Will Stop Illegal Immigration And Protect Our Southern Border

Dan Rodimer will push to pass his “Angel’s Act” to codify Trump’s Remain In Mexico policy into law. This means that the Migrant Protection Protocols outlined here will be amended to our current immigration laws so that our border is protected from future President’s like Biden trying to open our border.

President Biden is busy tearing apart all the hard work President Trump put into repairing the illegal border crossing issues that plagued this country for years. One of Biden’s first actions has been to allow in an estimated 25,000 asylum-seekers with active cases in the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.  The first group of this massive number of illegals were allowed into the United States on February 19. 

 “If you elect me to the 6th Congressional District, I will make sure that Pelosi understands that Americans like us insist on the completion of the wall on our southern border. And when Pelosi and the other liberal elites allow illegals to be able to vote in our elections, I will be the first voice in Congress to vote No,” says  Rodimer.

To solve the issue, Dan Rodimer will pass America First legislation to end dangerous chain migration and the visa lottery that puts Texas families last. Rodimer believes immigrants are an integral part of the fabric of America, but out of control immigration policies hurt legal-immigrants and everyday Americans.

“The safety and security of our country and its citizens is of primary importance to me and I will do everything I can to make sure that Americans, especially Texans, remain safe and secure from illegal immigrants,” says Dan.

Image Description: The Rodimer believes that we need to fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in order to stop her attack on our constitution. (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Dan Rodimer Will Fire Nancy Pelosi As Speaker Of The House

Nancy Pelosi is the biggest threat to our American Democracy in 2021. She and House Democrats recently passed H.R. 1, the “For the People Act.” This dangerous piece of legislation makes permanent changes to voting rules that would virtually ensure that Democrats win all future elections and it was shoved through Congress with little examination or debate.  

“I will vote to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House once elected to Congress. Her policies have launched our country further left and have been disastrous for the American People,” said Dan Rodimer on the issue.

Dan Rodimer vows to build a coalition of strong conservatives to remove Nancy Pelosi and stop her and President Biden’s horrific legislation.

Securing Our Power Grid For The Future

On February 13, 2021, Texas’ power grid began facing a massive winter storm that, ultimately, caused a failure on many levels. This storm wreaked havoc on our state; more than 4.5 million Texans were without power for many days, and many remained without running or safe water for too long.

Texas will recover – Texans always do.  “As your representative, I will put my experience in the energy industry to work to make sure that this never happens again.  Texas will once again lead the nation in providing energy, driving down energy costs and creating good paying jobs that keep our economic engine churning.  I will put an end to the liberal job-killing ‘New Green Deal,’ in order to ensure that Texas businesses lead the nation with its economic recovery.”  -Dan Rodimer

Stand With Law Enforcement and Our Military

Dan Rodimer’s father was a police officer. That’s where he gets his respect for law enforcement and the military from. He’ll always back our men and women in uniform and make sure that our active military and our veterans get the health care they deserve as well as increased pay and benefits. 

“Anything that we can give back to the people that gave everything for our country, I will do. I will seek to pass legislation that gives back to all our veterans and helps their families. It’s the least we can do.

“I will also seek to pass legislation that gives police officers all the resources they need to stop dangerous criminals.”

Dan Rodimer received the largest police endorsement during his previous run for Congress.

The Right To Life

Dan Rodimer believes that all life is valuable and is a precious gift from God. He will fight to defend life and oppose pro-abortion legislation. America should be a nation that promotes and values life.

“I stand for life. It’s a precious gift from God that we must protect. I have six children, myself. I firmly believe that a nation can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, and by that measure I will always vote to protect life at conception.”

Rodimer was previously endorsed by the National Right to Life in his run for Congress (NV-03)

Second Amendment

As a gun owner and lifetime member of the NRA, Dan Rodimer understands that our Second Amendment rights are under attack from people who want to put government controls ahead of individual, Constitutional, liberties. 

“I will stand up for every Texan’s right to keep and bear arms.  Texans can rest assured that I will be unwavering in my commitment to fight back against tyranny, by protecting your rights as gun owners.”  -Dan Rodimer

Rodimer was previously endorsed by the NRA and Gun Owners of America (GOA) for his strong support of the Second Amendment during his run for Congress in Nevada’s third congressional district.

Dan Will Bring Back Jobs

One of Dan Rodimer’s primary goals is to increase job growth in Texas. Our unemployment rate in the district is close to 7% after it was 2.9% a year ago, it’s time to unleash small businesses so they can hire more workers and pay them more. Rodimer will do this by lowering taxes on small businesses and fighting against Biden’s proposed 30% increase in taxes on small businesses and the middle-class. 

Rodimer believes that we need to open up our energy sector and get people into high paying jobs in the oil, natural gas, renewables, and nuclear sector. He will also stand against harmful executive orders like the dismantling of the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Texans have been struggling, along with the rest of the country, for over a year now, since the beginning of the pandemic and all the shut-downs. Now that our Governor has courageously reopened our state, while still also following the science surrounding Covid-19, Texans can finally get back to work. I fully support the reopening and will work to make sure that all Texans who want to work can find good paying jobs in Texas.”

Dan previously signed the Taxpayers protection pledge – saying that he will not raise taxes on Americans while in office.

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