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Hoover Dam Seen In Nevada Dan Rodimer

We will Support the Brave men and women of law enforcement

Dan Rodimer knows that law enforcement officers make our communities safer. Our police officers willingly put their lives on the line to protect us and our families. In Congress, Rodimer will defend these American heroes from dangerous proposals such as defunding or disbanding our police departments.

Dan Rodimer Will Lower Your Drug Costs

We Will Create a healthcare system in Nevada & across America that will accomplish six priorities:

(1) Allow for more options of health plans for Nevadans to choose from. By opening up our marketplace to regulated and robust competition, we will provide a better product at a more affordable rate.

(2) Ensure Nevadans and their family members have the ability to choose their own plan and their own doctors. We must be able to keep both without government interference.

(3) Make certain that our nation’s health care policies can hold up to legal challenges, which has not occurred with Obamacare.

(4) Provide transparency in pricing to bring down costs on things like prescription drugs, medical equipment, care, and insurance plans. 

(5) Bring medical and medicinal manufacturing back to America. We must never allow ourselves to be reliant on other nations to properly, responsibly and adequately care for our people – particularly during a pandemic like COVID-19.

(6) Make certain that no Nevadan will ever be denied health care coverage based on pre-existing conditions.  

Photo Credit: U.S. Customs And Border Control


Dan Rodimer has President Trump’s back on border security. Without borders we do not have a country. We must secure our border with a wall and fund border officials with the equipment they need to do their jobs keeping our citizens safe. In Congress, Rodimer will pass immigration reform including ending chain migration, removing the Visa Lottery, and focus on merit-based immigration. This will keep our citizens safe while helping new citizens succeed.

Attorney General Adam Laxalt Endorses Dan Rodimer


Dan Rodimer is an entrepreneur and small businessman who supports the economic principles that made this country great.  We will oppose the socialist takeover of the economy and we will continue to help out everyday Americans. Rodimer has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose future tax increases and will work with the President to pass legislation guaranteeing middle-class Americans tax cut and more permanent tax cuts for corporations that bring their manufacturing back to the U.S.
Dan Rodimer Will Defend Our Second Amendment


Dan Rodimer will defend our second amendment as enshrined in the constitution. Restrictive gun laws and bans on commonly used rifles will not deter criminals and will only hurt law-abiding citizens. On the other hand, our opponents want to confiscate our guns and end our constitutional right to carry. In Congress, Rodimer will work to pass legislation that prevents the needless disarming of law-abiding citizens!

Dan Rodimer will stand up for the right to life.

We will protect life and the unborn

Dan Rodimer believes that life is a precious gift from God and has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee. We must stand up to infanticide as described by Democrats – such as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. In Congress, Rodimer will work to enact legislation ending late-term abortions and uphold the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.


Attorney General Adam Laxalt Endorses Dan Rodimer


Dan Rodimer will make sure that our Veterans are treated with the honor and respect that they deserve. We will fully support our men and women in the Armed forces by making sure that they get the funding necessary to keep our freedom safe. In Congress, we’ll push legislation that will reform our VA system to give our veterans the best healthcare we can offer.
Attorney General Adam Laxalt Endorses Dan Rodimer


As a father of five, Dan Rodimer understands that every child should get a quality education whether that be public school, public charter school, virtual learning, or private school. In Congress, we will pass legislation to give parents more choice and expand the use of 529 Education Savings Plans. We will also fight to keep the teacher tax deduction to support our teachers and we will expand vocational education to prepare kids for the jobs of the future by providing a more flexible Pell Grant program to allow students the option to choose CTE programs.