How Susie Lee Abused Her Position in Congress to Enrich Her Business


Rep. Susie Lee was caught in a massive scandal surrounding a $5.6 million COVID stimulus loan. Lee helped procure this loan for her family’s casino company.


This is a timeline of how it all happened.



March 3rd – Senate Democrat Leader Charles Schumer announces a provision in the CARES Act that members of Congress should not be allowed to benefit from PPP loans. Lee, a Democrat congresswoman, certainly fits this bill.

March 12th – Susie Lee’s husband tells the LV Review Journal that the Coronavirus shutdown is “more of a political thing than a real health concern.”

March 17th – Official Full House Resorts published a Press Release announcing that they were shutting down their Nevada properties.

April 7th – Susie Lee sent a letter to the Small Business Association asking them to open up PPP loans to gaming companies.

April 23rd – Ellis Landau, a long time financial exec in gaming industry, resigned from the Full House board.

April 24th – The Small Business Association approved gaming companies receiving PPP loans.

April 30 – 2nd Board Member Craig Thomas sold all of his stock and called on Lee to be replaced as CEO. He said he was forced out because of his “efforts to hold the Company’s CEO (Lee) accountable,” and that Full House Resorts should “conduct a thorough CEO search and evaluation” of Lee.

May 7 – Full House Resorts was approved for $5.6 million in PPP funds for 2 casinos in Colorado and Indiana. This caused their stock value, which Susie Lee and her husband are the largest shareholders of, to double overnight.

May 13th – Susie Lee’s husband suggested to the Review Journal that retirees should spend stimulus check on his businesses. “If you’re retired, you can’t be laid off and you still have a $1,200 stimulus check.”

June 8th – Susie Lee’s spokesperson lied to the Daily Beast by claiming that Rep. Lee had no knowledge of Full House Resorts loan.

June 9th –  Susie Lee’s spokesperson reached out to the Daily Beast and asked them to update their story, now saying that she was aware that Full House Resorts requested the PPP loan.

June 12th – MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle tweets that senior Democrats warned Susie Lee over taking the PPP loan as a potential conflict of interest.

Stephanie Ruhle Tweet

June 12th – Ethics watchdog Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust filed a complaint in Congress against Lee over the loans.


Where did the money go, Susie Lee?