Big Dan Rodimer

Big Dan Rodimer is endorsed by numerous conservative Republicans and organizations including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Pawn Star’s Rick Harrison and Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. Republicans trust Dan Rodimer because he has a proven track record in the community of fighting for our constitutional rights. Take a look below at some of Dan’s endorsements.


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Endorses Dan Rodimer

“Big Dan’ has earned my strong endorsement and full support because he will restore the kind of common sense leadership Nevadans deserve, and he will work to ensure that socialism never takes hold in America. I hope you join me in supporting Big Dan Rodimer for Congress.”

McCarthy backs Rodimer because his conservative values are exactly what our country needs right now to bring results that matter to Nevadans, including new jobs, low unemployment, secure borders, and lower-cost prescription drugs.

The National Rifle Association Endorses Dan Rodimer

“I am very honored and proud to have the endorsement of the National Rifle Association in my run for Congress. The NRA is America’s longest-serving civil rights organization, with tens of thousands of members right here in Nevada and in the 3rd Congressional District. The NRA knows that I will fight to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights against gun-grabbers like Dan Schwartz and Susie Lee. Thank you to the NRA and all of their members here in Nevada.”

Rodimer’s opponent has openly stated that he backs gun-grabbing. You can read more about that here. Rodimer will stand up for our Second Amendment rights and believes they are human rights.

Former NV Attorney General Adam Laxalt Endorses Big Dan

“Big Dan Rodimer supports our President and his policies that are benefitting all Nevadans of all backgrounds. And, as Nevada’s former Attorney General, I know that Big Dan will support and defend our Constitution, our freedoms, and our individual liberties.”

Laxalt backs Rodimer because he knows that he will be a strong conservative fighter in Congress for Nevada. You can watch Adam Laxalt’s official endorsement here.

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Endorses Dan Rodimer For Congress

“Big Dan Rodimer is all of that. He’s real, he’s authentic and he will be a great Congressman. We can’t afford politicians who get elected by saying one thing and then doing the other.”

Rick Harrison knows a good deal when he sees it and that’s why he is backing Rodimer to beat Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV) in November 2020. You can read more about his endorsement here.

National Right To Life Endorses Dan Rodimer

“We are excited to have a fighter in this race! We know Big Dan [Rodimer] will fight for the unborn; he will fight to the medically vulnerable; and he will fight to the elderly. Dan Rodimer is the vote for life in Nevada’s third district!,” says Nevada Right To Life leadership.

Rodimer is the only pro-life candidate in the race for Nevada’s third district and is a strong family man that will stand up for all life in Congress. Read their endorsement here.

American Conservative Union Endorses Dan Rodimer

“Dan Rodimer will help lead the fight for conservatism in Congress. He proudly stands for important principles like the rights of the unborn, the defense of our borders, and the protection of the Second Amendment. Dan is a solid conservative and Nevada deserves his strong leadership in the U.S. House,” said Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Dan Rodimer has shown us he’s got the policy know-how and boundless passion that Nevadans can be proud of. ACU believes in him and proudly endorses him in his bid to represent the people of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.”

Read the ACU’s full endorsement here. Rodimer is the only candidate that represents conservative values in NV-03.

Gun Owners Of America Endorses Dan Rodimer

“Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Big Dan Rodimer to represent Nevada’s Third District in the United States House of Representatives. Nevadans deserve a Congressman like Big Dan Rodimer who represents their constitutional values. GOA is looking forward to welcoming Dan to Washington D.C. as a “big” ally of the Second Amendment in the United States House of Representatives.”

Rodimer is the only candidate that will actually fight for our Second Amendment when in Congress.