“Big Dan” Rodimer declares victory in the Republican Primary Election for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, setting up a general election match-up against perhaps the most corrupt Member of Congress in Washington, liberal first-term incumbent Susie Lee. A complaint has now been filed by an ethics watchdog requesting that Congress investigate a conflict of interest in her asking the Small Business Administration (SBA) to expand its loan eligibility to allegedly help her husband’s business.

His statement:

“I would first and foremost like to thank the Republican voters of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District for placing their trust and confidence in me. I also thank my family, our friends, and our amazing team of grassroots volunteers who pushed us to victory.

“Our goal from the time we entered this race was to restore an independent voice for the people of Nevada. Just two years ago, Susie Lee promised us she would be that independent voice. It didn’t take long for her to forget about us and to instead work for herself and her family’s personal benefit. She aligned instead with Washington liberals and the socialist Squad.

“From her first actions in Congress, which included her strong endorsement of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, to her vote to impeach the President, who had won the support of the voters in this district in 2016, to her lock-step voting record aligned with AOC and the Squad, Susie Lee has spent two years demonstrating that she is for them and for herself, but not for us.

“Throughout the past several months, we made our case to Republican voters. In the weeks and months ahead, we look forward to making our case to all voters in the district by pointing out the stark policy contrasts between Susie Lee and me. Now that she has a voting record, and a recently-discovered self-enriching lobbying scheme, we will expose it to the voters.

“And, we will share my plan, where:

  • We will continue to rebuild Nevada’s economy and hold China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We will work to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, and especially to Nevada, helping us further diversify and strengthen our economy.
  • We will not yield an inch in protecting and defending the Constitutional rights of each and every Nevadan.
  • We will support law and order by standing with our law enforcement personnel. And yes, we will fund them.
  • We will protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors while working to reduce the costs of prescription drugs.
  • We will seek to reform healthcare to bring more doctors, nurses, health plans and options into the system, putting Nevadans back in charge of their healthcare as opposed to Washington politicians and bureaucrats. By doing so, we will improve care and reduce costs. And, we will never allow Nevadans to be denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions.
  • We will serve as a champion for our veterans, helping them gain job training, employment, and superior healthcare.
  • We will protect our borders from dangerous cartels, drug smugglers and human traffickers, while working to reform our legal immigration policies. And we will strongly oppose dangerous Sanctuary City policies.
  • We will support commonsense policies such as Term Limits and Voter ID, putting more faith, confidence, and accountability in both our election system and in those we elect.
  • We will work to provide every child a quality education by giving parents an opportunity to send their child to the school of their choice.

“These are my values and this is my plan for Nevada. We will look forward to a spirited campaign this summer and into the fall discussing these important issues.”

Rodimer declares victory against Dan Schwartz in Nevada’s primary held June 9th by over a 15% voting margin. Voters of Nevada’s third district want a strong Republican like Dan Rodimer to take back the state and flip the House in November.