(Las Vegas, NV) – Today, Republican nominee for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District “Big Dan” Rodimer urged support for Clark County public schools to open up full-scale, five days a week, for instruction in the 2020 fall semester.  In his call to re-open schools, he echoed the call of education and community leaders, as well as parents, students, administrators and staff, to implement reasonable safety guidelines that foster a safe but not overly burdensome environment.

“Our kids need to get back to school full-time, and their parents need to get back to work full-time,” stated “Big Dan” Rodimer.  “On-again, off-again school and classroom scheduling won’t work, according to the leading, nonpartisan scientists and experts looking out for our kids.  And an on-again, off-again schedule doesn’t work for thousands upon thousands of parents and their attempt to get back to work.  

“We can reasonably and responsibly get our kids back in school full-time and their parents back to work full-time, while ensuring the safety of students, teachers and staff at our schools.  That is the basis for my support to reopen schools in southern Nevada.  My plan consists of six main priorities, which are vital to open back up our economy and get our children back in the classroom in front of teachers.”

Big Dan’s plan centers on six key points:

  1. We should heed the call of the nonpartisan leading scientific health experts that make up the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), along with the thousands of parents and families in Nevada, to emphasize how critical it is to get our kids back in school, in classrooms, full-time, five days a week. This should not only be a local priority, but a state and even a federal priority, as well.
  2. We should implement and adhere by reasonable safety guidelines with a clear plan to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in our schools, and have clear plans in place on how to handle a positive test for a student, teacher or staffer in a particular school. For example, ensuring mask availability, having plenty of equipment to take temperatures of students, teachers, faculty and other staff, and to ensure cleanliness inside the building and classrooms.
  3. Teachers, administrators and parents need to be included in the school reopening plan. Parent’s voices need to be heard and teachers need to be part of the narrative. They are essential employees who protect and educate Nevada’s children and should be included in the process of reopening schools.
  4. Parents should have the option of sending their kids to school five-days a week.  If they are not comfortable having their children in school, they should be full-time distance learners so that the school district isn’t trying to shuffle kids in and out on unworkable, mixed schedules.
  5. Around 3,500 educators in CCSD are identified as having an underlying health condition, making them more susceptible to harm if infected.  We should allow these teachers the opportunity to teach online to those families that choose off-campus distance learning.
  6. When parents get their kids back to school full-time, they can return to work full-time.  Ultimately, we should not only accommodate what is best for the students, as outlined by the experts and scientists such as the AAP, but we need to accommodate parents and their need to get back to work to provide for their families.  Many parents and teachers with children are unable to afford childcare options for their kids.  Some are unable to afford computers and Wifi at their homes.  Getting schools open full time for all kids will help ease the burdens, fear and anxiety many parents have who may lose their job or be unable to take a job due to their kids being stuck on unworkable, unreasonable on-and-off schedules.


“These priorities of mine emphasize our need to protect public health, follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations of getting schools opened up full-time, and they help get our parents back into the workforce full-time,” Rodimer continued.  “And if the Clark County School District fails to provide full-time, on campus instruction for our kids, local and state leaders need to resurrect our critically-needed school choice programs so all parents, especially low income parents, can have better options for their families to consider.”

Dan Rodimer is member of the Clark County School District School Safety Advisory Committee. In addition, Rodimer has worked with Child Haven to help provide needed resources for the program that assists neglected and abused children in Clark County.

For more information on the campaign of Big Dan Rodimer for Congress, you can view his webpage here (https://danrodimer.com/), or you can follow him on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RodimerForCongress/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/DanRodimer), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rodimerforcongress/).

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