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Why Big Dan

Dan Rodimer is running for Congress because he wants his children to grow up in a constitutional state. After seeing what the Biden administration was doing, he knew that he had to get into Congress to fight for our families, our faith and our God-given freedoms.

Since announcing his run, Dan Rodimer is the only candidate to be given top coverage as a leading contender for Congressional district TX-06 in Fox News, Politico, People Magazine, CNN, Washington Post, Texas Monthly, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, The Independent, Uproxx, Talking Points Memo, Second Nexus, Raw Story, and Mediate.

“I’m running because we need to fight to keep our constitutional-friendly states. We need fighters in Texas, and that’s why I’m here. I’ve moved back to Texas. I have six children and I want them to be raised in a constitutional-friendly state,” says Dan Rodimer.

Dan Rodimer lived in Houston, Texas and worked as a home builder. He owned a house in Galveston and has always thought of Texas as his true home. He moved to Nevada for several years after meeting his wife, Sarah. They have six kids together and they both want to keep the American dream alive for their family.

Vote Republican Dan Rodimer Running In Congressional Race TX 06

It’s time to make America Texas again. I’m running for Congress to defend our families, our faith, and our freedom in the pro-constitution state of Texas.

– Dan Rodimer

The Rodimer Advantage

Rodimer won the Republican primary for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district in 2020. He broke voting and fundraising records in the district but barely lost to incumbent Rep. Susie Lee. Rodimer previously received the endorsements of President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Ted Cruz, The National Rifle Association, The National Right to Life Committee, the American Conservative Union, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and Pawn Stars Rick Harrison.

Rodimer graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in 2013. While in Law School, he helped found a children’s organization that helps underprivileged children celebrate Christmas. Almost a decade later, Rodimer continues to work with Child Haven to bring joy and encouragement to young kids. He also served on the Clark County School District Safety Advisory Committee in 2018.

Big Dan previously found fame as a member of the cast of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s Tough Enough series in 2004 and was given a contract to join the main roster.

He graduated from the University of South Florida, where he played football. His father was a police officer and he attributes it to his strong backing of law enforcement.

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