Dan Rodimer Stomps With Rick Harrison From Pawn Stars In Final Stretch Of TX-06 Election

April 24, 2021

, ,,Big Dan Rodimer, Republican candidate for the Texas 6th Congressional District, is ending a strong week of campaigning with a bang by teaming up with Pawn Stars TV personality Rick Harrison.

“I’m not just here as a celebrity to take photos and shake hands although I’m happy to do it. I’m here because as an American business owner, contributor to my community and most importantly as a grandfather I have a major stake in the direction of this country,” Harrison said while out speaking with voters. “I’m out here in the rain showing my support for Dan Rodimer because he’s already shown the capability to bring people together and communicate solutions to issues in a way that makes sense. Talking with voters about the energy and hope Dan has already brought to them by rallying for their causes just shows you that American citizens just want to be heard.”

The assist from “Pawn Stars Rick” comes at the end of an eventful week for the Rodimer campaign. First, the campaign released another memorable campaign ad, then the flag waving events were held by the campaign throughout the district.  These events were to rally Republican voters for the start of early voting but the mere appearance of a pro-Trump flag riled up a protester who called the police. This of course inspired supporters of Rodimer and former President Trump to more Trump flags for the next rally. “I just keep the focus on the people of CD 6. I enjoy having fun with hobring w I get to spotlight certain issues but ultimately our campaign message of freedom and limited government are the people’s principles.”

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